Интерактивная игрушка Фёрби Бум Теплая волна - Пурпурная Лапка

Interactive Ferbi Boom Toy

Back when Tamagochi was popular and the dogs jumping on the floor, the first Furbys were interactive toys that can respond to the outside world. Over the years, they've become more capable, now half of the toy interactions can be done through a tablet or a smartphone. And Furby Boom Solar Wolna can do something completely new - virtual multiplying!

Furby's getting more interesting!

"Furby boom" is a fantastic blossom, many emotions, new possibilities for a smartphone application. But the most important difference between Furby Boom and the other Furby is the opportunity to bring progeny! Yeah, yeah, when you're literate and feeding, your pet can "remote" an unbelievable number of eggs, of which tiny furbies will come out! These kids can be scattered in rooms, selected interns for them and raised with the Birby parent.

Is he looking for this second Furby?

No, it's only your free-of-charge electronic device, through which you can play nicely with Furby and help him get eggs.

Hey, play with me!

Furby speaks his own language, but because they want people to understand them too, they teach the owner's language quietly, our Furby speaks Russian! They can be greeted, sing songs, ask questions. Furby needs to be raised, his character is shaped by his treatment, so there may be six toys with very different characters.

How do we communicate with him?

  • Furby loves it when he's warmed up, he's going to be smashing and covering his eyes.
  • You can tickle him, then he'll laugh and eat.
  • It can even be turned upside down and shaken, then it's got a dizzy head;
  • And if you pull him behind his tail, he'll be humiliated.
  • Furby can be fed by pressuring his language;
  • If you turn on rhythmic music, you can dance with Furby-- he doesn't know a lot of moves, but he's trying hard enough.
  • And if the music charms this baby, it'll even sing!