Конструкторы с пайкой

Electronic Designers

The second level set of the " POLWECTOR " designers is devoted entirely to the study of the work of the programmed counterparts. To date, the most user-friendly, accessible and simple study is the fees that have been created on the Arduino platform, so the educational sets of the series have been developed on this platform.

The enlarged Robot+ set, compared to the start-up and core sets, is richer and a substantially higher level of complexity of the schemes combined with more advanced programming. A total of 370 details and 33 lessons will help to learn how to use universally programmed counterparts for self-sustaining smart technical systems. Having implemented many lessons from the three parts of the training manual, the main functions of the controller for which it was created could be examined. You'll learn to connect all sorts of sensors, remove information from them and process it through self-established programmes, run executives and even a whole robot. Find out what a robot is about, how it works and how you can use a normal TV remote to control that robot.

The kit is aimed at children over 12 years of age, but if the child is talented, the Adults will be able to handle Arduino-platform at an earlier age. The working power of the controller and the whole perimeter is perfectly secure at 5 volts.