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Tamagochi On The Pc

But the difference between them is the same as between cats and dogs. Literally.

The first project, Catz 2, will be interested in those who like cats, the second, Dogz 2, for dog amateurs. There's hardly any difference in the game, except that dogs, as they are supposed to be, are racing and enjoying an active life, and cats are mocking and happy to eat and sleep.

We have to do the same thing in the famous Sims era, i.e. watch the trustees, trying to ensure all the conditions for their happy lives. Only if the people themselves were " in the Sims " , their place was occupied by domestic animals.

Cats and dogs (in each game of seven species) must be said, the pets are extremely cautious. They're cold water from the refrigerator, so let's go get dry food, play with them with their favorite soft toy or clean their cheek or urine. In fact, meeting the needs of the pets is our main practice in Petz 2.

There are no dynamic variables (e.g., " hungry " , " mood " ) as is the case in numerous games " life-smarters " . The needs are much easier to achieve: if the pet is hungry, a message will appear to inform. Let's take him to the kitchen, open the locker, get some food, put him in a bowl, saturated and, voila, you can do your business further.

If life doesn't seem boring and dull, there's a lot of fun roles and opportunities in the game. For example, any pet can do a lot of different tricks, ranging from traditional " sit " , " golos " to all sorts of corn, even jumping back and dancing in the back laps. To speed up the stunts, for every successful team, you have the right to reward a beast with praise or lacquency. In your will and punish him by burying water if he does something wrong.