Интерактивная мягкая игрушка Fisher-Price Сестричка ученого щенка

An Interactive Pupil Scientist

The adorable online toys of Scientific puppy and his "Sortic" from "Make laugh and learn" will love your baby!

These nice puppies can not only sleep, but also study the numbers, letters and body parts.

If you press a puppy on a belly, he'll sing to a kid a wonderful cradle, and it'll be beautiful.

The charming puppies will be the most favorite toys for children, and if they're hugged in front of their sleep, only the best and fair dreams will be dreamed!

Playing with "Scientific puppy" and his "Sastrian," the child develops a cartoon of hands, tactile and audible perception!

When the baby is ready to sleep, he can press his heart to hear a calming bulb 10 minutes of losing and see a soft light (3 minutes of candle).

Presentation in inventory! The price is for one toy! The desired type (Scientific puppy or Sister) is listed in the commentary to the order!

Type of battery: 3 x AA / LR6 1.5V (gauge).


  • Weight (kg)


  • Country of manufacture


  • Material


  • Weight in package (kg)


  • Number of places
  • Length (cm)


  • Width (cm)


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