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The Zoobles Toothless Game Is Interactive

On a fabulous island, there are funny and fun fantastic creatures in the ocean. Now you can give your baby a miracle, an animal that will always cheer him up. The Zoobles campaign developed an online Nana Zubles. It's available in two options: Tabi mouse and Ears.

The features of the interactive Nano Zubles:
♪ They can make sound, move and respond to a child.
♪ If there's two minutes left with Zubles on, he'll remember his sound signal.
♪ Great combination of prices and quality

How Play with the toy.:
♪ If you touch an interactive Zoobles nose, his heart's gonna burn, he'll greet you and go meet you.
♪ When Zubls is asleep, his ears are closing, and when they're ready to play, they open.
♪ You want to put the pet in bed? Shut up, his ears and he'll start singing.
♪ If he says "Pet, Sing me a Lullaby," he'll start singing a cradle song.
♪ If the child doesn't play with the Zubles on for more than two minutes, he'll start drinking.

What develops this toy:
1. Playing with Nano Zubles, the baby develops his imagination.