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♪ The Baby Is Born ♪

An interactive Baby Born Horse with a kid's braces of love and loyalty to an animal mama and his baby. The horse and the stallion work together as a mother and child.


  • When you press the horse's ear, she's stunning, and the stud will follow her.
  • The horse produces sound effects: clicks, rusts and clicks like a kiss.
  • If the child puts it across the horse, they kiss.
  • The cartridge tracking machine is operated by built-in magnets
  • in kit: saddle and sludge
The horse and the drawings may be applicable both together and separately. The baby's gonna come up with a lot of story games with a toy: build a horse stand, find a suitable doll rider, feed and eat.


  • material: plush, nylon
  • batteries: 3 AA (in kit)
  • Production country: China

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