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What would make a kid more happy than a new soft toy? Fascinating cats, sweet bears, fun smears and fun puppies will tear your baby apart and give him a good mood all day. The Eldoorado Internet magazine presents to you. Maxitoys soft toy catalogue - the best bids for the attractive price for you and your child.

Every child loves Eldoro. soft toys - and I'm ready to watch the game. It is therefore very important to approach their choice with maximum responsibility: Maxitoys toys are certified, made of high-quality materials and are perfectly safe for children.

The bright design of the Maxitoys brand is interesting not only for children, but also for adults, the original beasts and the funniest humans will be loved by the whole family. If the miracle of the soul doesn't smell big, big toys, demanding to take them for a walk, give him a new funny friend in the form of a small bra. Compact sizes will make it easy to wear such a toy even in your pocket, and at any time at the request of the baby.

Payment and delivery

It's easier to pay for the Maxitoys toys ordered in Eldoro: this can be done when the order is made or when it is received at the point of issue. There's no free time to visit our hypermarket? Use the delivery service that will bring your order to a convenient place for you for five working days, we work all over Russia.