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Interactive Toys Laughing

In this communication, the group and kindergarten are gradually becoming interactive. The following diagnostic parameters provide an assessment of its interactivity.

1. Possibility of realizing multiple interests of children (from 0 to 4 points):

Emotional interest (1 points);

- A faculty interest (without extinguishing first) (1 points);

- practical interest (1 points);

- Taking into account the interests of girls and boys (1 points).

2. Multifunctional use of the elements of the environment and the possibility of conversion in general (from 0 to 3 points):

Mobility (1 points);

Flexibility (1 points);

- implementation of the principle of " take and change " .

3. Availability and accessibility, diversity of manuals (with the possibility of self-monitoring) are estimated at between 0 and 3 points.

4. The availability of interactive manuals by children, educators and parents is estimated at between 0 and 3 points.

5. Using interactive forms and working methods with children to revive the environment and make it interactive (0-3 points):

- The creation of an imaginary situation of which the environment is part (interactive penny and latitude, attributes designed by children);

- Use of feedback techniques in interaction with the environment (take a conversation from a player, a pen, leaving a trail, etc.);

Custody of environmental improvements by the educator and parents through the Torrance, Gilford, TRCD technology system.

The interactive environment was thus estimated at between 0 and 16 points:

- 0-4 points - low level of creation of an interactive substantive and play environment;

- 5-8 points - a satisfactory level of interactive, subject-matter environment, which, however, is accompanied by insufficient use of the elements of the environment and failure to provide children with opportunities to transform them, a small number of interactive and auto-disciplinary manuals or their absence;

- 9-12 points - sufficient level of creation and operation of an interactive, subject-matter environment, with the singularity of the physical, social and educational activity of the caregivers, the temporary promotion of the autonomy and activity of children related to environmental change and improvement;

- 13-16 points - high level of design and operation of the interactive subject-matter environment, signs of interactive interaction between children and adults in the field and in environmental change, and the inclusion of parents in it. ♪

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