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Interactive Toy Amazing Zhus

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is an amazing and funny toy. She really likes to act, looks bright and effective. Andor has a bright pink jacket, cute ears, and exquisite yellow eyes. This mouse is a natural artist! Charming. interactive mouseThe cyrcock will show your child acrobatic tricks on the tramplin, the canate and other circus accessories from The Amazing Zhus. With all the characters of the series, you can create your own homemade mouse circus and make a show!


  • Toys have three modes, each of which is activated by the button: " learning " , " research " , " back " mode.
  • When pressed on the button on the back, there's a research mode, and the toy can change direction using the nose as a radar.
  • When the button is activated on the neck, the mouse reproduces funny sounds with short time frames and, when applied to the nose, a one-time funny sound.
  • Mouse size 12 cm.

Nutrition: 2 AAA LR 0.3V batteries (in kit).

General characteristics

  • 4 to 10 years old
  • Weight 171 grams
  • Colour of pink
  • Diarrhoids, B/S/G 15/13/6
  • Country of manufacture of China
  • Artikul 311356
  • Manufacturer ' s artics 26302
  • Trade mark
  • Plastics

Additional characteristics

  • Andor's Chicken Girl
  • Height, cm12
  • Motor and catch development
  • Interactivity
  • The sound.
  • Nutrition
  • Type AAA LR 0.3V batteries (in kit)
  • Functions are activated when the respective buttons are pressed, one of which is located on the toy nose.