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Interactive Shark Toy As Alive

The robots from the brand Zuru look real and move like living! It's only worth putting the fish in the water, how it's going to float around, describing the circles and obstacles, thanks to a built-in sensor. The robber never repeats and moves as chaotic and unpredictable as a real fish, so it's always interesting to watch! Especially if you have some RoboFish toys that will be fun around each other. The children ' s room will be more cozy and pleasant if it contains an aquarium of unusual household fish caught in stacks, permanently immersed to the depths and rising again to the surface.

RoboFish fishes don't need a special arrangement and can swim anywhere, even in a bath with you! The electromagnetic engine is safe from water, so the fish is perfectly safe. Fish have a soft silicone tail by which they move and change direction.

The different species and thrives of Robo-Rybox will be good for everyone! These are various tropical fish, fish clowns and others, and even miniature sharks, copying the movements and weddings of these famous predators.

Toys work on batteries that are really long enough, and you'll find a spare kit.

Your child will be very happy with this gift, because you can watch a floating Robo fish. Pray yourself and your family, collect a whole collection of these wonderful interactive RoboFish fish!

Robo Fishing Toys (RoboFish) from Zuru, you can buy at the best price on the Internet toys, shipment to Moscow and all regions of Russia!