МОСКВА. Ферби Бум на русском, интерактивная игрушка Furby Boom

Interactive Toy In Russian

The Furby Boom Interactive Toy is a unique interactive toy, which will be a great gift and friend for both children and adults. An interactive domestic pet will reciprocate friendship. Ferby has big, storing ears that can shake and vibrate, and the eyes are a couple of interactive SC-Earrans with light and mechanical ages. It allows a player to be realistic enough to blink, to look and to react to sound. Talk to Ferby, have him face to yourself than you're closer to the game, the easier Ferby hears you. So he can react to you, turn off all the background noises. Cormite Ferby with your finger, lock him up with the other Ferbys, shake him, talk, swing, put on some music for him, hold him up, turn him over, brush his stomach, brush your stomach or pull his tail. If Ferby falls asleep, pull and hold his tail for ten seconds.


  • Download the free Furby Boom, put the device in front of Ferby and start your adventure in the annex.
  • Build virtual Ferby, playing together and designing virtual play rooms.
  • If you take out 48 virtual Freblings so that they can plant all of your city's towers, you can get a gold egg!
  • When you gather eggs and get the kids out, they'll sit in your virtual city and you and FurbyBoom can play with them.
  • With your FurbyBoom, you can only sit eight eggs, the rest of you can ask FurbyBoom for your friends.
  • Give a name to your FurbyBoom with an application, and he'll remember it! He's very protective and can remember the names of his new friends he meets.
  • If your FurbyBoom is healthy and happy, through the app, you can actually feed it, wash it and even make it X-ray!
  • The appetizer will tell if he likes what you do.
  • Toy height 15 cm.
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